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US Bitcoin Corp Reaches Tentative Settlement With City Of Niagara Falls To Restart Operations

US Bitcoin Corp tentatively settles with Niagara Falls to restart mining ops, must comply with noise reduction, permits and fees.

Mutiny Wallet Raises Over $300k in Preseed Funding To Build A Private And User-Friendly Bitcoin Wallet

Mutiny Wallet, a web-first and privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, has raised over $300k in preseed funding to build its platform.

Bitcoin Beach Wallet Renamed To Blink In Addition To Changes Aimed At Making The App Global

Blink’s name and features reflect the project’s desire to be used by Bitcoin communities across the world.

The US Government Sold Nearly 10,000 Silk Road Bitcoin

Uncle Sam made off with more than $215 million this month as it began to liquidate portions of seized bitcoin.

BitGo Introduces Solution To Securely Store Ordinal Inscriptions On

BitGo has introduced a new security solution to protect Ordinals inscriptions from accidental transfers and enable users to inscribe their own content onto Bitcoin.

Texas Senate Committee Hears Testimony On Bill That Would Ban Certain Energy Arrangements With Bitcoin Miners

Pierre Rochard, VP of research at Riot Platforms testified yesterday that Bitcoin is a net positive for the state.

What Is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

A paper wallet is an early method used to protect bitcoin offline. Better methods have replaced it, but people still use paper wallets to store bitcoin safely and inexpensively.

Lincoin Technologies Launches Rails Programming Tool For Bitcoin Miners

Lincoin Technologies introduces Rails programming tool for Bitcoin miners to optimize their operations in real-time.

Federal Prosecutors Charge Sam Bankman-Fried With Attempt To Bribe Chinese Officials With $40 Million

In a new indictment unsealed on Tuesday, officials charged Sam-Bankman Fried with bribing Chinese officials to release frozen assets.

How ZeroSync Hopes To Reduce The Costs Of Validating Bitcoin Nodes

Using zero-knowledge proofs, ZeroSync seeks to radically reduce the computational costs of bootstrapping a fully-validating Bitcoin client.

ZEBEDEE Introduces Instant Global Payments Using The Bitcoin Lightning Network

Along with the ability to earn bitcoin, users will now be able to easily and instantly transfer their bitcoin across jurisdictions.

Binance And Its CEO CZ Sued By CFTC After Alleged Regulatory Violations

The CFTC lawsuit details how the firm allegedly offered unregistered commodity derivatives to American customers.

MicroStrategy Purchases 6,455 BTC, Pays Off $205M Loan At 22% Discount

MicroStrategy continues to stack bitcoin, with the help of a sizable discount on a loan taken out at Silvergate Bank.

Margot Paez On Mitigating Climate Change, The Progressive Perspective And Bitcoin’s Representation Problem

Environmentalist Margot Paez describes her own Bitcoin journey and how inclusivity is not mere “woke ideology.”

Nasdaq Eyeing Q2 2023 Release For Bitcoin And Crypto Custody Platform

The exchange giant is joining Fidelity and BNY Mellon in the pursuit of their own cryptocurrency custody platform.

What is a Wallet? Guide to storing Bitcoin

After you receive bitcoin, you’ll need to store it in a secure digital wallet. This guide helps you understand what a wallet is and how there are different wallets to suit your needs.

How Will Bitcoin Adapt To Banking Uncertainty?

As some of the cryptocurrency industry’s go-to banks failed, Bitcoin’s importance was on display while its on and off ramps suffered.

What is a Multisignature (MultiSig) Wallet?

A multisig wallet is a special type of wallet for securely storing your Bitcoin. 3-5 signatures are typically required to access the stored Bitcoin.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-CBDC Bill

Ted Cruz has joined a myriad of politicians in demonstrating their contempt for CBDCs in America — but what about pro-Bitcoin legislation?

White House Releases Economic Report On Bitcoin: Here’s What They Got Wrong

The latest report from the Biden Administration writes off the benefits of Bitcoin while ignoring the fundamentals and economic activity that give it value.

First Ever Bitcoin Themed PEZ Dispenser Officially Launches

The PEZ dispenser with a Bitcoin design has released in a limited-edition run of 30,000 units.

Wasabi Wallet Releases Version 2.0.3, Adding Back Coin Control Amongst Other Updates

Users will once again be able to selectively spend their UTXOs via the Wasabi Wallet interface.

Bitwise Asset Management Announces New Exchange Traded Fund Aimed At Long-Term Bitcoin ETF Investors

The new BITC ETF will use an “optimum roll” strategy to focus on long-term returns for investors.

Texas House Introduces Bill To Boost Local Bitcoin Economy And Protect Rights Of Individual BTC Ownership

A new bill introduced in the Texas House could set the state up to be the nucleus of Bitcoin development in the United States.

Coinbase Potentially Looking At Launching An Overseas Exchange: Report

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States may be looking at opening operations elsewhere.

Fidelity Investments Has Opened Bitcoin Trading To The Public During Ongoing Banking Crisis

The financial giant will now allow customers to trade bitcoin, although they will not be able to withdraw it to self-custody.

Wolf Bitcoin And Lightning Accelerator Announces First Cohort, Investors And Mentors

The New York-based Lightning accelerator has announced its first set of companies and projects.

Antifragile: Serhiy Tron Fights To Bring Bitcoin To Ukraine

Serhiy Tron, a former boxer, a persistent entrepreneur and the publisher of Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine, fights for stability in an unstable world.

El Salvador Launches CUBO+ Educational Program Aimed At Producing Elite Bitcoin And Lightning Developers

Bitcoin Country seeks to generate world-class Bitcoin and Lightning engineers through a new program utilizing the university system.

Luxor Launches First Antminer Firmware Made In The U.S.

Bitcoin mining company Luxor Technologies has launched an Antminer-compatible firmware designed to maximize miner efficiency.

Decentralized Bitcoin-Focused Social Media App Zion May Use Nostr In The Future

From identity to data, Zion’s CEO explains how they envision the app expanding going forward.

Ordinals Community Donates $19,000 To HRF Bitcoin Development Fund

An Ordinals community surrounding the Taproot Wizards inscriptions has donated almost .85 bitcoin to the HRF.

As Banking Collapses Erode Trust, Bitcoin Fixes Moral Hazard

As the underlying issues in our economy are exposed by recent banking failures, Bitcoin stands as a trustless, alternative money.

Bitcoin Surges Past $24,000 As U.S. Sees Major Banks Fail

The bitcoin price rocketing to $24,000 amidst the banking crisis is reflecting the world’s need for a sound money alternative.

U.S. Treasury, FDIC And Federal Reserve Will Guarantee All Deposits At SVB, Signature Bank In Unprecedented Move

A joint statement ensured that all customer deposits at the respective banks will be honored by the federal government.

Lyn Alden On Finding Bitcoin, Skepticism And Inclusion: ‘Money Is For Everyone’

Investment strategist Lyn Alden discusses her own Bitcoin journey, encountering skeptics and the industry’s male skew.

Unofficial World Record Set For Highest Amount of P2P Bitcoin Lightning Transactions Paid In 3 Minutes

The Praia Bitcoin experiment set a record with P2P transactions occurring every three seconds.

THNDR Games Releases New Game To Earn Bitcoin Alongside Gaming Reputation System On Nostr

THNDR's new Sudoku and Tetris inspired mobile game “Bitcoin Blocks” lets players earn bitcoin while solving puzzles.

Inside Bitcoin Lake: Lessons From My Months As A Volunteer With Guatemala’s Groundbreaking Project

A volunteer from Guatemala’s Bitcoin Lake project shares the rewards of working on this circular economy.

Silvergate Bank Announces Liquidation And Winding Down Of Operations

Once a major banking partner for various cryptocurrency firms, Silvergate will end its operations in line with regulatory requirements.

Neutronpay And BitcoinVN To Host Lightningcon Vietnam, Asia’s First Bitcoin And Lightning Conference

In March, Bitcoin and Lightning builders and developers will congregate at a beachside resort in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Baseball Fans Can Now Instantly Receive Bitcoin After Perth Heat’s Most Exciting Plays

A new Lightning partnership will let Perth Heat fans scan QR codes after stolen bases and home runs, rewarding them with bitcoin instantly.

River And Bitcoin Magazine Announce Lightning Partnership To Accelerate Adoption Of Bitcoin

The partnership is aimed at enabling further access to bitcoin while encouraging more education.

Fixing The Incentives: How Fiat Money Broke The World

The global history of fiat money and U.S. world reserve status has incentivized many countries to abandon their own cultures and sovereignty.

Shift Crypto Announces Partnership With Pocket Bitcoin Allowing DCA Within BitBox02 Hardware Wallet

The partnership will provide a secure and easy way to purchase and store self-custodial bitcoin, through a widget in the BitBoxApp.

Jack Dorsey’s Block Announces Mining Development Kit For Novel Bitcoin Mining Use Cases

The development kit is envisioned as having multiple components that would enable increase the accessibility and openness of bitcoin mining hardware.

Judges Consider Grayscale’s Arguments In Bitcoin ETF Hearing Against SEC

DC Circuit judges hammered the SEC’s lawyers as they defended their decision to not approve Grayscale’s move toward a spot bitcoin ETF.

Swiss Bitcoin App Relai Raises $4.5 Million Led By Jeff Booth’s Ego Death Capital

The funding will be used to expand the platform's retail Bitcoin on-ramp in Europe, add zero-fee trading, support for Lightning and more.

Exploring The Five Best U.S. Cities For Bitcoin Enthusiasts

As Bitcoin adoption grows, some cities are embracing the technology as hubs for businesses, events and lifestyles tailored to Bitcoiners.

Silvergate Solvency In Question As Crypto Banking Troubles Brew

Silvergate clients flee as stock price plummets and regulatory questions mount across the industry. Options for crypto banking partners are dwindling.

FTX Debtors Sue Grayscale Investments And Its Executives

Grayscale’s CEO as well as owners Digital Currency Group and Barry Silbert allegedly violated trust agreements, according to the lawsuit.

Terawulf Brings First Fully Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining Operation In America Online

A joint venture with Cumulus Coin, LLC. has brought the first nuclear-powered Bitcoin mine online in Pennsylvania.

At Northern Lightning 2023, Norway May Offer The Wildest Bitcoin Experience Yet

Norway is putting on a major Bitcoin conference with high-signal speakers, topped off with an otherworldly rave running on Lightning.

Why Bitcoin Mining Needs Stratum V2

Bitcoin mining is centralizing, but how real is the risk of network censorship? And can a protocol called Stratum V2 save the industry?

How Bitcoin Mining Is Adapting To The Energy Transition

Researching more than 100 bitcoin mining companies, it’s clear that this industry is poised to advance energy consumption more than any other.

Nick Szabo Was Wrong: With Bitcoin, Micropayments Work

A 1999 article by Nick Szabo is often cited to argue that micropayments don’t work. But with Bitcoin and the Lighting Network, now they do.

U.S. Treasury Introduces CBDC Working Group, Discusses Potential Routes For Digital Dollar

The Treasury’s statements explore the potential forms and implementations of an American CBDC.

HSBC, Nationwide Banks Crack Down On Bitcoin And Crypto Access

Two of the U.K.’s largest banks have imposed further restrictions on their customers’ ability to acquire cryptocurrencies.

Binance Announces Support For New African Currencies Without Third Parties

Users from Liberia, Sierra Leone and more can now directly utilize their local currencies to buy and sell bitcoin through Binance P2P.

Xapo Bank Becomes First Bank To Offer Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Xapo is partnering with Lightspark to allow its customers to send bitcoin near-instantaneously to any vendor who accepts BTC over Lightning.

The Big Flip: Interest Rate Expectations Repricing Upward

The Big Flip thesis has been gaining traction in the financial world and describes the market’s misplaced belief in the path of inflation and policy rates.

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Announces New Bitcoin Lightning Service Provider C=

Lightning node operators can connect to TBD and Block’s new Lightning infrastructure starting today.

Bitcoin Price History: 2009 – 2023

Bitcoin’s past performance can help you understand where its value is heading. Here’s bitcoin’s price history delineated since its inception.

Are Ordinals Really Good For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Ordinals have demonstrated a strong desire for collectibles on Bitcoin, but are they really the best solution for the future?

Jack Dorsey’s Block Releases UI Teaser, Seeks Partners For Highly Anticipated Self-Custody Bitcoin Wallet

A new blog post from Jack Dorsey’s Block detailed the progress being made on the custodial Bitcoin wallet the company is working on.

Fixing The Incentives: How Fiat Funds National Corruption

Governments with the power to print money on a whim can avoid accountability and pursue corrupt agendas.

How Playing Football Helped Me Understand What’s Valuable About Bitcoin

A former college football player reflects on the lessons inherent in the sport and how they prepared him to become a Bitcoiner.

Salvadoran Bitcoin Education Program Is Launching A New Curriculum In English

Mi Primer Bitcoin’s new diploma program is set to expand opportunities for learning about Bitcoin in high schools that adopt it.

Bitcoin Core Dev Luke Dashjr Doesn’t Want His Name On Ordinal Projects

The developer has taken to Nostr to explain why any NFT project using his name does not have his authorization.

World’s Biggest NFT Company Yuga Labs Introduces First Bitcoin Ordinals Collection

The largest NFT creation firm will host their first Bitcoin Ordinals project, just as the network passes 200,000 inscriptions.

Why I Sold My House To Buy A Bitcoin Dip

After realizing that taking out a home loan meant his property was never really his, a military member sold his house to buy bitcoin instead.

Bitcoin Policy Institute Announces One-Day Summit In Washington, D.C.

The Bitcoin Policy Institute will host conversations dedicated to exploring Bitcoin at this invite-only event.

Most Americans Optimistic About Bitcoin And Crypto, Frustrated By Current Monetary System: Survey

Most Americans would like to see their monetary system change, according to a study conducted on behalf of Coinbase.

Introduction to the Best Multisig Wallets

Bitcoin multisig wallets are a great security solution to help you keep your Bitcoin secure, private and as accessible as your require at all times

BTCPay Server Adds WabiSabi CoinJoin Plugin, Giving Option For Increased Privacy For Merchants

Merchants using BTCPay Server will now be able to protect their privacy using Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin coordination protocol.

‘Don’t Trust, Verify’: Fixing The Problems With Academic Research On Bitcoin

To date, much of the academic research on Bitcoin has lacked high-quality data and rigorous review. It’s time to fix that.

Mash Introduces Ghost Checkout, Enabling Bitcoin Payments Without An Account

Users will now be able to use the payment service to instantly support content sources using Bitcoin without registering an account.

Trezor Now Controls Its Silicon Chip Supply Chain

The Bitcoin hardware company has begun manufacturing its own chip wrapper for the Trezor Model T.

Long Form: Why Detailed Narratives Are Necessary For Telling Bitcoin Stories

Conveying the real implications of Bitcoin to audiences requires long-format storytelling with a detailed, comprehensive narrative style.

Nine Years Ago Today: Recalling The Bitcoin Exchange Failure That Was Much Bigger Than FTX

While FTX’s collapse last year rattled the Bitcoin ecosystem, nine years ago a bigger failure damaged it even more. What does that teach us?